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Athens on Film
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Athens on Film

A really spontaneous two-week vacation to Greece with the university girls. The summer sun was scorching hot but the company and the experiences were priceless. 

Streets of Plaka

We lived along the beautiful streets of Plaka and it reminded me of the houses in the TV-series. I was quite taken aback by the numerous graffiti all around the neighbourhood of Athens. The graffiti seemed oddly displaced among the renaissance-like buildings but yet, add an unspoken charm to the city.

I waved to grandma and she waved back ♡

I waved to grandma and she waved back ♡


Antique Market

The girls weren't very keen on antique and I wandered off a little as they continue shopping the flea market. It got me quite excited as I walked and foraged through the treasures in the darkest corner of some shops reminiscing about our old Sungei market. I returned to the market again for a second time by chance and saw a kodak instamatic that I really like selling for 6 euros. However, google told me that finding the cartridge was difficult and I decided to give it a pass. Returning to Singapore, I find myself thinking about it occasionally. 

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