Hello! I am Chloe and I work under the name Usually Usual. I am also a-third of the Ceramic Collective, Weekend Worker based in Singapore. 

Usually Usual was created from an expression that happiness grows from the simplest and the most basic element in our lives - ties and relationship. I hope that the objects that I have  created can serve a little connection with its' user as it becomes part of their daily routines.

A little more about me - I love animals and have dogs and cats which I house separately in my home and my studio. I work in a shared studio space in Changi. Changi is really tranquil as it is in the outskirt of major towns in Singapore. It is also the home to an island - Pula Ubin and famous Hawker Centres (food centres)!

I also love travelling and especially random walks and exploration. I am also a picker and likes to collect random objects found on the street or on beaches. 

Meeting and speaking to people gives me inspirations but I do tend to be a little bit too shy to initiate conversations too often. 

if you have any enquiries on my work, you may email me at chloe@weekendworker.sg

Weekend Worker also conducts wheel throwing pottery classes every Saturday in our Studio.

If you are keen to find out more about the classes, do drop us an email at info@weekendworker.sg